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Scholarship Program

The SPOA 1849 Foundation Memorial Scholarship program will be back Spring 2020!

1849 FoundationThe SPOA 1849 Foundation offers scholarships to both community members and relatives of SPOA members.  The scholarships are awarded in the name of fallen Sacramento Police Department officers and past SPOA members.  All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply, using the information and PDF links below.

  1. Scholarship Application
  2. Academic Resume
  3. Community Resume
  4. Letter of Reference
  5. Personal Essay Requirements
  6. Consolidated Scholarship Package  (Includes all of the above)
  7. 1849 Foundation Mission / Purpose
  8. Sacramento Police Department History
  9. SPD Fallen Officers and Past SPOA Members Roster
  10. Scholarship Program Sponsors
APPLICATIONS CLOSED UNTIL SPRING 2020. All scholarship packages must be received by the due date at the Sacramento POA Office (550 Bercut Drive, Sacramento CA 95811) or via email to the 1849 foundation scholarship committee (

Good Luck to All Applicants!
-The SPOA 1849 Foundation Board of Directors